Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome to Sync Winnipeg

"Thus Twittering, they went together, for Hermes ruled them."
- Homer's Odyssey

Sync Winnipeg's goal is to bear witness to the rise in consciousness currently unfolding here on Earth. 

Why Winnipeg then one might wonder. 

Beyond the fact, that this is where myself and Jake Kotze happen to live, we also feel Winnipeg has a special energy to it and that perhaps it is some sort of fountainhead for the new consciousness emerging. 

Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, once called Winnipeg the "Ecotplasm capital of the World."

Ectoplasm is known in the Amazon as Mariri. This is the Magic Phlegm of shamans and healers. It is the spiritual essence of the plants that the shaman builds in his chest and uses to heal people in conjunction with his magic songs. 

Winnipeg is the Mariri Capital of the World. Why else would Maestro Juan Flores journey only here. I will go so far to say that why this place is the Ectoplasm and Mariri capital of the world is that Genesis point is here. The point of Creation is here. (and yes I know the point of Creation is within us all, but it is also a place as well. It is both. Traveling to the centre can help one travel to the centre within them.)

Sync Winnipeg will put this all to the test and attempt to harness the latest telecommunication tools to demonstrate this phenomenon. We invite others to come join us here in this experiment. 

We are currently organizing a gathering for the summer of 2010 to take place here. Details to come soon.

Much love


Below are some picture of the Manitoba Millennium High Cross.


"The Celtic Cross of the Millennium of the Great Spirit of the Earth."

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