Thursday, November 26, 2009


Ring Also. 

Winnipeg the Bear lives in a tree that houses the Ark of the Covenant.

The Holy of Rabbit Holes. 

I am at my brothers in Toronto right now. I just noticed an old postcard I gave to him as a gift around ten years ago. It was on his fire place mantle.

The postcard depicts three mountains and the word "Manitoba", which underneath says 
"Your Mountain Paradise."

At the time I thought it was hilarious because Manitoba is anything but mountainous. But now in hindsight as the year of 2010 creeps closer I realize that this card is prophetic. Not only do the Mountains look like Three Pyramids or Pillars, but the idea of Manitoba as a Mountain is very suitable. Manitoba might be flat and humble but I feel it is also symbolizes the top of the spiritual mountain that we all must climb. 

It is the paradise at the top of the mountain, where Heaven and Earth meet and the Gods reside.

The Everest of Spirit I feel will be reached next Spring during the World Religions Summit in Winnipeg (June 21-23,2010). 

We shall see.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Arriving soon...

George Clooney stars in this film to be released December 2009. Mr. Clooney resonates Galactic Centre (GC). In this movie he is addicted to AIR travel.  This points us to the Heavens and Flight, something we are all collectively doing right now as we ascend into the Kingdom within the Clouds. 

He is a man ready to make a connection. This is the same as making contact which is a dominant theme for 2010. Read Ayaphone Home at the Sync Whole to delve deeper into this concept.

UP in the AIR leads us as well to the word PU, or POOH, which connects to Winnie-the-Pooh, a sync reference to the role Winnipeg plays in our ascension. 

The slogan for Up in the Air is ARRIVING SOON, this is the same slogan used for the new Winnipeg International Airport slated to open in 2010. In both the film and the airport ads, BLUE is a dominant theme. Perhaps because our Creator is Blue, or should I say the Creator blew.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Boy Who Talks to Animals is From Winnipeg

A friend of mine, 15 year old Michael Moloney, is able to speak with animals. He is the son of a good friend of mine and he is part of the Harvest Moon Society. This is the group of people that I have been working with for almost ten years to build to an ecological community in rural Manitoba.

Michael is the first of the new generation to rise out of our ranks. And boy is he rising fast. He is currently adding animal sounds for a TV show, and has now been on the Today Show as well as Inside Edition.

Please check out the video of his Inside Edition interview HERE. It is awesome! make sure to notice the tiger he talks to as that is a direct wink to 2010 (year of the tiger) and what is to come.

He is shinning like the star that he is. I am in awe of what is, and what is to come and the beauty we are releasing more of every day.

What I find interesting is that Michael is practicing an ancient and mostly lost healing art of using animal sounds. He is clearly intuitively regaining the knowledge that is already in him.
It is just important that we create these spaces for the children so they can harness their true potential.

Go Michael!

As the yellow flower blooms...


Friday, October 2, 2009

Middle of the Centre

Just recently the Premier of Manitoba, Gary Doer, resigned from his post in order to take up a new position as Canada's Ambassador to the USA.

Manitoba's current dream of becoming a new Gateway to the World can only be supported by its popular ex-premier making connections on Capital Hill.

If anything, Mr. Doer can help the Americans realize that Dan Brown's newest novel about DC, freemasons and portals is really just a fictional ripoff of the real thing back in the Peg. This was recently highlighted on CBC National News as they interviewed local historian Frank Albo about his work on the Manitoba Legislative Building. See that clip HERE.

Manitoba, the name of the Province, means Where the Creators Sits, or some say it means Where Creator Speaks. Same thing.

For those of you who have followed some of my stuff at my other blog Centreportal, you will know that my own perception of the spiritual awakening of myself and my home is inspired by the current government and business led initiative in Manitoba to build Centreport, an international free trade zone (Canada's first) and hub.

Two great things I noticed in the local paper during the time Doer made his announcement.

This Editorial cartoon says it all. As Doer leaves the stage here in the centre he reveals the Centre of the Middle. The portal to the Newly Ordered World, or the N.O.W.

I see the Centre of the Middle as another way of saying the Holy of Holies. The hole in the hole.
The heart of the heart.

Of course around the same more news came out about the Federal government's infrastructure work to develop Centreport and its necessary trade arteries. One headline that stood out was
the phrase "Staking out the Peg." This would be a play on words as often Winnipeg is referred to as the Peg. Not too long ago myself and other syncsters mused about the meaning of PEG.

Check that thread of thought right HERE.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daily Sync Winnipeg Highlight

Today was the first day I really got going this live twitter photo sync walk stuff. I feel it worked awesome. I can't turn back. Check the thread HERE.

On Main St., just before I arrived for lunch at the Tallest POPpy, I noticed the mural. It is a mural of the Thunderbird House (back left) and a group of Pow Wow indigenous dancers. In the centre of the painting is  Yellow Flower, which is the symbol de jour for the new Joy coming to the world. To the left of the Yellow Flower is a dancer with an Eagle on their clothing. The Eagle symbolizes Love and is the Messenger of Creator. Behind this mural and the building it is on, are two Billboards with two separate ads. One is an ad for Manitoba and the other is for a country radio station. For me, the whole scene corroborates everything about the new states of awakened consciousness coming down the pipeline.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bigger than Ever! Part 1

My daughter Cloe come's home with a plastic Tinkerbell bag. On it, Tinkerbell is beside a Yellow Flower. For understanding why Yellow Flowers matter to us, check out Jake Kotze's new post Opening the StarG8 via Kirsten Dunst. To tell you the truth, ever since Jake started writing about yellow flowers, I have been seeing them everywhere. They seems to decorate my way. The yellow flower road.

Tinkerbell is relevant to us as the word TIN is in Tinkerbell. To tinker comes from a term used for someone that works with metal. Tin happens to share the same alchemical symbol as Jupiter.

It was also the Etruscan name for the God Jupiter, or Zeus. Check out my post The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge and the Gnosis of 42 to understand why Jupiter and Tin mean so much to us twittering syncsters.

I see Tinkerbell as symbolic of Mother Nature's spirits doing the work of building Creation. Yellow flowers also happen to be the first colour of flower to bloom in spring time. The dawn of a new creation is signified by blossoming yellow flowers.

Yellow is also the colour of Joy which leads us to the jovial planet Jupiter.

The Happy Face of the Solar System!

Tinkerbell and the yellow flower got me going on this next Sync Winnipeg journey with Jake Kotze the day after my daughter brought the Tinkerbell bag home from daycare.

I start my walk by going to the Shell to get some water as I head to Jake's place. The Shell is the symbol used by the great Christian pilgrimage of the St. James' Way in Spain. The lines of the shell all lead to one point. I have written about it before in my old post Mother of the Pearly Black StarG8.

The Sun behind the Apple, seems to suggest a Sun behind a a Sun idea, and of course the gas price of 9.99 leads us to see 666, or the number of the Sun itself. 666 also being a number embedded in the main entrance room of the Manitoba Legislature aka King Solomon's Temple. This is the room where new initiates are cleansed by the Sun that comes in from the skylights and "enlivens" the statues throughout the room.

In the image below the Golden Boy Temple is behind a billboard for a country radio station. This billboard seems timely, and it is as if the Sun in the Billboard has another Sun rising behind it (the Golden Boy and Temple!), just like the Shell station kitty corner to this view. The billboard also has a huge field of golden wheat. This is the same thing that Hermes, or the Golden Boy is holding in his left hand.

Hermes is back and he is bigger than ever!

The CBS all seeing eye is awesome as well.

In this image below you can see the temple off to the left and a smaller advertisement to the right.

This advertisement is for the Manitoba Homecoming being planned for 2010. I believe this government sponsored year long event is actually being manipulated by Spirit in order to prepare our province for a global homecoming party in celebration of a grand consciousness awakening experience that we are in the midst of all undergoing as we speak.

2010 is the Year We Make Contact With Our Higher Self.

Winnipeg's new international airport opens in 2010 as well. Perfect timing for the global homecoming to the centre of Creation.

Below is a great Red Eye and a ELm tree sticking out of its cornea.

Of course more yellow flowers as I walk to Jake's place...

Below, I am leaving for the sync walk with Jake down Portage Ave.

More yellow flowers as we go. Below in the image the restaurant sign for JUNIORS resonates JUNO and Jupiter's wife, as the word Youth, and hence Junior, is derived from the goddess Juno.

Next, these two nice Golden M's for a McDonald's are complete with a triangular yellow flower bed. Jake stands in awe of the divine he is witnessing at this site before him.

We then pass by the good 'ol Manitoba Millenium High Cross. Can you see the ARK in the middle of the cross?

AD MM makes me think of Adam, or Primal Adam. The Blueprint of Souls. The double M also links us right back to the double Golden Arches from the McDonald's we had just walked by.

We then Walk the through Viny Ridge pARK...

A war memorial stands in the middle of the pARK and between two rows of yellow and red flowers.

44 Nada. Nada means nothing in Spanish.

44 Nothing

2 4's, is for me a 42, or Jupiter resonating moment.
ManitOBAMA is the 44th president as well.

Notice the Crown above the bushel of wheat. Here in the prairies wheat is King. The Golden Boy aka Hermes holds wheat.

Wheat makes bread. Bread is the body of Christ. Christ is King. Christ is Wheat. Manitoba has been known as the Bread Basket of the World. Wheat is actually made into FLOWER first before it becomes Bread. How perfect and incredibly resonant with yellow flowers, buses, subs, bread , Manitoba and Christ.

Next thing I notice across the street is Burger KING. Same yellow and red scheme as many of the flower beds we had seen that day. The Burger King sign also looks a lot like The Juniors sign.

Which also reminds Jake of the City of Winnipeg logo. A red middle, with a yellow and blue surrounding circle.

This next image below says it all. Seen moments after the other images. Here we have yellow flower, Golden Boy and Winnipeg Sun all on a red box.

Peace signs and a Tree are painted on the back.

Then we pass this next image of a giant tiger and the words "Tired of waiting." And both Jake and I think "Yes, we are ready for 2010 to be here." 2010 is the next Year of the Tiger and Manitoba's global homecoming extravaganza.

Next we notice this Gold BUS pass us.

Followed by another Gold Bus, a school bus.

We then realize we are hungry and we decide to go to SUBWAY. The Way of the Sub. Flip the owrd sub and you get bus, or The way of the Bus.

The Golden Way just like the Golden buses that just passed by. The Yellow Brick Road.

And what are the Golden Subs we are about to eat made out of? Bread of course! Bread is made from Wheat, which is King and of course the Body of Christ. Is a School Bus resonant of the Body of Christ? Of course it is.

We continue walking and pass by some more yellow flowers and a well hidden 7UP can. The POP can sports the Red Eye/Dot which resoante the bindi, the third eye and the Red Sea parted by Moses, all to yellow flowers and the joy they represent.

As we past the electronics store Advance, Jake twitters from his new Blackberry. We have been talking about giving sync tours of the city. This sign seems to resonate our intentions. We must advance...

We turn up Valour Road and walk past this Amazon snake mural, reminding me of the Ayahuasca medicine I work with and have flowing through my veins all the time.

More yellow flowers and a insect band on a ELm tree warning of TNT, or as I see it, a cue that an explosive sync moment was about to reveal itself to us.

We walk out of the residential area and head to the land of big box stores, malls and Silver City cinemas. This next moment I saw as a Crossing Over into a blue, or heavenly realm.

Part Two of the Blue Cross sync explosion coming soon...