Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daily Sync Winnipeg Highlight

Today was the first day I really got going this live twitter photo sync walk stuff. I feel it worked awesome. I can't turn back. Check the thread HERE.

On Main St., just before I arrived for lunch at the Tallest POPpy, I noticed the mural. It is a mural of the Thunderbird House (back left) and a group of Pow Wow indigenous dancers. In the centre of the painting is  Yellow Flower, which is the symbol de jour for the new Joy coming to the world. To the left of the Yellow Flower is a dancer with an Eagle on their clothing. The Eagle symbolizes Love and is the Messenger of Creator. Behind this mural and the building it is on, are two Billboards with two separate ads. One is an ad for Manitoba and the other is for a country radio station. For me, the whole scene corroborates everything about the new states of awakened consciousness coming down the pipeline.

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