Friday, October 2, 2009

Middle of the Centre

Just recently the Premier of Manitoba, Gary Doer, resigned from his post in order to take up a new position as Canada's Ambassador to the USA.

Manitoba's current dream of becoming a new Gateway to the World can only be supported by its popular ex-premier making connections on Capital Hill.

If anything, Mr. Doer can help the Americans realize that Dan Brown's newest novel about DC, freemasons and portals is really just a fictional ripoff of the real thing back in the Peg. This was recently highlighted on CBC National News as they interviewed local historian Frank Albo about his work on the Manitoba Legislative Building. See that clip HERE.

Manitoba, the name of the Province, means Where the Creators Sits, or some say it means Where Creator Speaks. Same thing.

For those of you who have followed some of my stuff at my other blog Centreportal, you will know that my own perception of the spiritual awakening of myself and my home is inspired by the current government and business led initiative in Manitoba to build Centreport, an international free trade zone (Canada's first) and hub.

Two great things I noticed in the local paper during the time Doer made his announcement.

This Editorial cartoon says it all. As Doer leaves the stage here in the centre he reveals the Centre of the Middle. The portal to the Newly Ordered World, or the N.O.W.

I see the Centre of the Middle as another way of saying the Holy of Holies. The hole in the hole.
The heart of the heart.

Of course around the same more news came out about the Federal government's infrastructure work to develop Centreport and its necessary trade arteries. One headline that stood out was
the phrase "Staking out the Peg." This would be a play on words as often Winnipeg is referred to as the Peg. Not too long ago myself and other syncsters mused about the meaning of PEG.

Check that thread of thought right HERE.


  1. That would make WinniPeg the stake that pierces the Vampire heart.
    Which is awesome as Vampires are so popular right now..

  2. Cool blog man, diggit, Winnipeg seems lovely, Caught you and Jake synching with Sea Wolf Flow and that reminded me of the "Antichrist" bloodline of the Merovingians. Merovee the French Royal King, his wife was said to have swam out to Sea and been Impregnated by a Sea Wolf or a Beast of the Sea, some folks connect the Church of Mary Magdalen and its Christ/Dog Connections to the fact that these bloodlines name even comes from SeaWolf, Mero- Water, Veus-Wolf/Beast. King Merovous was the Son of the Sea Beast impregnated wife supposedly. Doin some Googling Yesterday I found that HOTEL SIRIUS is located right near the Church of Mary Magdelen in France, and Hotel Sirius advertises its exactly 23 comfortable rooms! Its phone number also starts w/ 42. Sirius Serving as a accomodation to MM Church, which also features Paintings of Christ eating DOG as the last supper. Check this out heres the SIrius HOtel Page

    and heres some great connections between the Churchs art and Sirius Christ and the Dog