Monday, November 9, 2009

Arriving soon...

George Clooney stars in this film to be released December 2009. Mr. Clooney resonates Galactic Centre (GC). In this movie he is addicted to AIR travel.  This points us to the Heavens and Flight, something we are all collectively doing right now as we ascend into the Kingdom within the Clouds. 

He is a man ready to make a connection. This is the same as making contact which is a dominant theme for 2010. Read Ayaphone Home at the Sync Whole to delve deeper into this concept.

UP in the AIR leads us as well to the word PU, or POOH, which connects to Winnie-the-Pooh, a sync reference to the role Winnipeg plays in our ascension. 

The slogan for Up in the Air is ARRIVING SOON, this is the same slogan used for the new Winnipeg International Airport slated to open in 2010. In both the film and the airport ads, BLUE is a dominant theme. Perhaps because our Creator is Blue, or should I say the Creator blew.


  1. Some Pooh Sync linked, thanks again.

    "connects to Winnie-the-Pooh, a sync reference to the role Winnipeg plays"

  2. UP-PU (Pooh) can also sync- or link to something else. The old constellation ducmented by Johannes Hevelius called ARGO NAVIS. The ship in the legend/myth of Jason and the ARGOnauts.

    This constellation is no longer used in modern Astronomy, however, the stars that comprised it still exist and today it is broken up into, and now known as, The Keel, The POOP-Deck, and The Sails.

    ... and it is definitely UP !