Thursday, November 26, 2009


Ring Also. 

Winnipeg the Bear lives in a tree that houses the Ark of the Covenant.

The Holy of Rabbit Holes. 

I am at my brothers in Toronto right now. I just noticed an old postcard I gave to him as a gift around ten years ago. It was on his fire place mantle.

The postcard depicts three mountains and the word "Manitoba", which underneath says 
"Your Mountain Paradise."

At the time I thought it was hilarious because Manitoba is anything but mountainous. But now in hindsight as the year of 2010 creeps closer I realize that this card is prophetic. Not only do the Mountains look like Three Pyramids or Pillars, but the idea of Manitoba as a Mountain is very suitable. Manitoba might be flat and humble but I feel it is also symbolizes the top of the spiritual mountain that we all must climb. 

It is the paradise at the top of the mountain, where Heaven and Earth meet and the Gods reside.

The Everest of Spirit I feel will be reached next Spring during the World Religions Summit in Winnipeg (June 21-23,2010). 

We shall see.


  1. Great little/big post.

    This didn't show up in my blog feed.

    Nice photoshopping

  2. Hey Werme, nice pics, that you in SA?
    Saw the WiniPooh and wanna say when I was kotze crazy, reading all i could, i also started to read Winni pooh by Milne at work. It fitted with 911, Mountain (K2), beehive (hex shape) and an interesting 'Torso' thing. It resounds nicely with an idea i was having. Still have; but can ever express in words! Its as if all time here can be split up so we get the books and words, and then images, symbols, on screens and also the reality as a drawing or sensation to experience. This, perhaps, becomes the stages of reality with 3D on screen next. Course it comes down to "realising we always get what we want" for me; but also to continually ask "how are we getting it?" I mean this is so much fun when it works... Either way, WinniPooh seems to say a lot about the torso thing for me - psychologia a game for me.
    thanks for the blog, keeps a desperate soul inspired. paul.

  3. i need to speak to you. it's not my real email addy, but i don't want anyone typing my email addy into google and it coming back to this page.